this is so precious when my youngest daughter was born, only a few minutes old she reached up and grabbed her daddy's finger like this

Friendship Friday: Life and Death

Incredible family photo idea.Strong #Kids and Smart #Parenting…

10 Reasons to Get Psyched for the Holidays

A new beautiful baby girl was born into our cruel harsh world, unaware of what's in store for her future. Making her very first move on earth; reaching out to grab her fathers big, warm, soft hands. Not only to grasp with love but faith, and compassion. This signifies life at its finest moment. Birth, parenting, and LOVE. The daughter wants nothing but to be held, while the father wants to protect his daughter from everything. Together with their love they will overcome the harsh, cold…


Oh I can't wait until I can get our baby's hand wrapped around Tim's finger and my own! Dad and baby hand

Carbón personalizado a partir de tu foto de las por JaclynsStudio

Custom Charcoal Drawing from your photo of Baby Hands (not portraits, please see my portrait listings), Charcoal sketch, Nursery Art

Size - the contrast between the small and large hand creates a focal point in the center of the picture.

10 tips for photographing your own newborn by Lisa Holloway -

baby hand imprints and outprint tutorial with air dry clay and plaster of paris - POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY

Making a mark within and object - representation of movement and existence in the space baby hand imprints and outprint tutorial with air dry clay and plaster of paris - POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY

Bunny+Mother+and+Baby+hand+Painted+on+the+Rock...Etsy shop..really great bunnies!

Bunny+Mother+and+Baby+hand+Painted+on+the+Rock.really great bunnies! Bunnies - various colours

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13 Incredible Newborn Photos to Replicate

Baby Photo : Creative And Unique Baby Photography Ideas - Unique Family Picture With Mom Dad And Newborn Baby Hand Ideas

Wonderful, dear website--OldSchooled--The creative minds behind OldSchooled created a space to collect the wisdom of our elders for those children who don’t have grandparents to tell them story after story about life, love, and happiness. I think that’s one of the loveliest reasons for a website I’ve ever heard.

What an amazing way to remember grandparents.I love hands and feet. I take pictures of my grandparents hands all the time. Their face may look different than you remember, but their hands take me back to childhood with one glance.

In all your affairs, rely wholly on God’s providence, through which alone you must look for success. Nevertheless, strive quietly on your part to cooperate with its designs…. Imitate little children who with one hand hold fast to their father while with the other they gather strawberries or blackberries from the hedges. — St. Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life, III.10

John's father dies, and he has no family at all. This is a picture of a boy and his father holding hands. This symbolizes the love and connection between families.

Tip for #nursing - if your babys hands are clenched tight they arent done nursing yet! This whole blog is awesome! #breastfeeding

Tip for nursing or feeding baby in general. If your baby's hands are clenched tight they aren't done nursing yet, look for soft, open hands while your baby is feeding. When their hands are relaxed it means they are full.

Baby hand and foot prints plaque- Get busy, Natalie!  Fathers Day is right around the corner!

Baby Hand and Foot Prints from Salt Dough

Make a baby hand and foot prints plaque from salt dough (by the Imagination Tree). So easy to do, almost cost-free and makes a perfect keepsake gift for family!