Friends for life: Day one 45 kids meeting their siblings for the very first time

45 Kids Meeting Their Sibling For The Very First Time

Little Fingers!  Newborn baby picture in hospital.

Update: Izzabelle has been found pregnant during procedures. The baby is 5 weeks old. Doctors are trying to save 1 life, and that life has a good chance of being the baby's

If your not already following Amber Fillerup, you should start! Her blog is  full of inspiration, and amazing braid tutorials! I was so excited when  Amber reached out about doing some photos of her baby girl rosie after she  arrived. What a special time to have documented! enjoy!

welcome rosie - new york city

Amber Fillerup hospital shoot with Rosie by Stephanie Sunderland Photography. Hospital new born photography. New York City Family photographer.

Really cute leaving the hospital pic...if I could find an outfit that doesn't make me look 6 months prego 2 days after baby is born! Lol

Cute leaving the hospital pic…if you can find an outfit that doesn't make you look 6 months prego 2 days after baby is born!

10 Photos to Take on Baby's First Day

"Hospital Pics" It can be helpful to create a list of the moments and photo ops of our brand new babe you want to collect. Here are 10 photos to take on baby's first day.


15 Ways To Make Your Marriage STRONGER As New Parents

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From their chubby legs to their teeny tiny toes, the cuteness is overwhelming. By taking a photo of your baby’s feet in the hospital, you can capture all the adorableness, plus get a nice shot of your baby with his or her hospital tags.