Our granddaughter playing on her jungle gym at 8 months old.

homemade DIY indoor jungle gym - complete with monkey bars.Great for working on standing up and hand eye coordination. Not to mention, it keeps kids entertained on rainy days and will really come in handy during winter.

This is freaking amazing! That last part is weird though

Tuxedo Cats

ceiling furniture means doesnt take up space on the floor, but then maybe you need high ceiling for it. plus not all owners will want cats jumping on them from up high and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

Top 13 Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier -- put a sheet over the top of the playpen to keep out bugs when you take the kids  outside. Great for when you are working outside & want to keep the kids close!

10 Everyday Life Hacks that will Change Your Life

Household Hacks: 15 Hacks for Every Mom Around the Home that will help you get things done faster.not to mention helping to keep things in their place.

Triple Catwalk - Probably over $400 -an educated guess given similar just below that, & their text (& price) got truncated (out of view).

A Very Fancy and Elaborate Cat Lounge Structure! Like the middle part of in front of window with not the greatest view for us, but cats like it:)

Piece de Resistance - Crafty Mums - BabyCentre.  "The poles are plumbing tube from B&Q and is padded under the fabric. If you look closely most fabrics are relevant to the letters, A for Allsorts, B for Baseballs, D for Daisies etc, C is crinkly, S is squeaky, T has tassels and R has ribbons. The hanging bits for toys open with velcro so can change them round all the time."

Clearing out P's room &I she found her baby play mat.she then spent the next playing with it like the old times saying 'baby poppy' it was soooo cute!

Baby Jungle Animals Baby Shower Party Ideas | Photo 10 of 25 | Catch My Party

Baby Jungle Animals Baby Shower Party Ideas

The Jungle Book is one of my favs! Balloons & Hanging Monkeys Perhaps this could be welcoming statement outside!

Indoor jungle gym - how cool would this be?  My kids are little monkeys and climb on everything... this would be perfect!

Limikids Home Gym For Kids Showroom Example. Indoor Fitness For Kids and Home Gyms equipment by LIMIKIDS.COM My kids & I will train together