art by Jiuge

This wonderful piece by Seatle-based artist Yang Fan fills me with awe and emotions. so basically the opposite of Thor # . View "Beautiful Portrait of Young Thor and Loki" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Jotun 6 by ~BrokenDeathAngel on deviantART

BDA finally updated some stuff ey? I just love drawing baby!Loki and Dotting! Baby Loki is teething and starts to chew on his snow.

Little thorki- refuse to grow up by AviHistten on deviantART

" Yeah, alright, say that--that should DEFINITELY make Thor more willing to stop suffocating his precious, adorably baby brother. - LOLOL this is the best take on that video EVER!


I find this picture amazing because I'm currently writing a fanfic that has a scene where Frigga makes magical blue fish appear for baby Loki.