Geeky Garb For Novice Nerds

Maybe if I show D all these cute geeky baby clothes, he'd be more willing...

Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and more.these are the best onesies ever (wish the Doctor Who onesie was Ten's clothes though)

This is perfect, since we're doing a superhero theme for the nursery! Nerdy Bibs, Blankets, Burp Cloths and Diaper Covers - Domestic Geek Girl

Funny Nerd Geek Science Onesie smart baby boy gift idea "I wear this Onesie Periodically" Chemistry new baby / new parent / baby shower gift<----Penny and Lenard need to have this for their future babies!

If I ever have a little boy, he's wearing this.Princess Bride Brute Squad Infant Bodysuit > Princess Bride Baby Bodysuits > Princess Bride T-Shirts from Gold Label

Some Baby Infant Bodysuit Baby Light Bodysuit

Looks like Charlotte the spider spun a web in your laundry. Get this and other cute, funny and unique baby shower gifts ON SALE THIS WEEK!

I am a nerd like my mother before me. Nerds are cute, especially when they are baby nerds! Pass on the torch of the nerdiness to young padawan with this cute and funny, nerdy baby onesie!

Video Game Baby Onesies Set

READY TO SHIP Video Gamer Deluxe Set Onesies - Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Space Invaders, Super Mario and Link from the Legend of Zelda boys girls gender neutral geeky nerdy nerd geek video game video games cute clothing kids lindasumnerdesigns etsy

51 Onesies Your Baby Needs In Their Life

Funny Baby Infant Bodysuit Onesie One-Piece Romper Spent 9 Months Geek Adorable Baby Shower Gift Cool Baby Onesie Unique Baby Gift

Baby Nerds and Geeky parents: The Ultimate Gift Guide (part 3

X Box Baby Rattle

Xbox baby rattle, perfect gift for nerdy expecting parents!

Bow Tie Onesie Tutorial or how to make a Baby Nerd Shirt

Bow Tie Onesie Tutorial or how to make a Baby Nerd Shirt.super easy way to make baby suspenders and bow tie onto baby onsie.