Baby stingrays…so cute!!!

Baby stingrays…

Baby Rays, by Jonathan Selwood-Hogg -- "Cute. Those aren't eyes, they are the nostrils but it looks like a little face." // This photo is often shared with a caption that reads "Baby stingrays look like raviolis stuffed with tiny damned souls".

Baby stingray..

oh my god, hello how are you welcome to my aquarium

baby stingray, that is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! I love stingrays, they are actually very friendly, they just don't like to be stepped on. Then again, neither do I.

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We Need To Talk About These Goddamn Baby Stingrays

We Need To Talk About These Goddamn Baby Stingrays

We've rounded up some of the most adorable baby animals to hit the internet.

Baby sting rays, baby prairie dogs, and a baby hawk. Things that make you squeak with joy.

19 Funny Pics for Your Saturday

Underside of a baby stingray

All stingrays have a venomous barb and are only for experts. All stingrays require a sandy bottom. The Blue Spotted Stingray grows to fourteen inches.

cute axolotl ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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more cute critters that "ray-diate" cuteness. woka woka

Ray of sunshine. With it's alien-like smiling face, this baby thornback ray attracted a lot of attention at an aquarium in Hampshire, Britain.