Bad boys sean penn

Tom Cruise, Sean Penn 1981

Tom Cruise and Sean Penn in 1981 -- About the time they made the movie "TAPS" which is Excellent.

Hollywood's Bad Boys: SEAN PENN  Photographed by Bruce Weber in New York City, 2007.

Photos: Photos: Hollywood’s Bad Boys, from Humphrey Bogart to Alec Baldwin

Sean Penn (born in Los Angeles County, California August 17, 1960) ... always dreamed of passing my hand through his bad boy's hair ...

Sean Penn (Sean Justin Penn) - Leo - 17 August 1960 - Santa Monica, California, U.

Rough, tough and a lot of fun. Sean Penn is probably an 864, he's also highly protective and raises money for those in crisis like the earthquake victims in Haiti. He's known for mixing it up with the paparazzi and famously tied Madonna up in a chair and left during a marital spat.

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Sean Penn - for being part of some of the first rescue teams to enter New Orleans after Hurricaine Katrina. For publicly bashing Bush in a way that was more than deserved.

Sean Penn - yes, to me, some men are very handsome smoking a cigarette, Sean being one of them