What fears inspire your worst Character Flaws? The seven chief features of ego, a dominant negative attitude are: a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. We create it during adolescence, a

What makes the bad guy a bad guy is as important as the bad guy himself. 100 Characteristics of the "Bad Guy" Antagonist

Emoji Theme Character Traits for an Emoji Bulletin Board

Ever asked your students to describe a character? Good, bad, nice, mean? Yes, I've had that lesson fail and I figured out what to do about it. Provide your students with a set of EMOJI STYLE character traits and definitions that will have them increasing

Readers' Workshop Study of Character Traits- books include A Bad Case of Stripes, Officer Buckle and Gloria, Miss Nelson is Missing, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, student traits.do for Lilly

Quite a Character: Teaching Character Traits -

ABC's of Good Character

ABC's of Good Character - iMom Good character is made up of many qualities. Here’s an ABC list of character traits we can aspire to teach our children.

A Bad Case of Stripes- Character traits with Text Evidence using a Bubble Map. Love the different colored sticky notes!