Bananas With Jello Recipe - reminds me of my great Aunt who brought this to the family reunion every year :-) (fruit salad with vanilla pudding)

Strawberry Jello with Bananas Recipe - I also add diced apples and pecan halves to this, use less bananas.

Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana Jello Salad

Strawberry, Banana, and Pineapple Jello Salad - grew up loving this salad.My mother blended 3 oz of cream cheese with 1 cup of sour cream and nuts for the "cream" filling.

Creamy Strawberry Banana Jello // The Food Charlatan. This jello is perfect for holiday get togethers! Made in the blender. Win!

This make-ahead Creamy Strawberry Banana Jello is easy and always a hit at parties. Sour cream and a quick spin in the blender makes it smooth and creamy.


Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shooters - Recipe - Banana Cream Pie

Jack & Coke Jello Shot drink recipe made with Cola,Gelatin,Jack Daniels,Water,. How to make a Jack & Coke Jello Shot with all the instructions and ingredients.

Strawberry and banana jello salad

Strawberry and banana jello salad; have to leave out the Bs, but straw and sugarfreejello with real whip cream and nuts works.

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Paired with zesty potato wedges, this easy beer-battered cod recipe has us longing for summer. Fish and chips, anyone?

Creamy strawberry-banana Jello

Easy Dessert Recipe: Creamy Strawberry-Banana Jello

I've tweaked this recipe from Kraft Foods just a bit and it is a big hit at family gatherings. I'm often asked to bring along my Jello, so I thought I'd sh

Strawberry Banana Jello Salad

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