16 Signs You Might Be A Forever Band Kid | The Odyssey"

16 Signs You Might Be A Forever Band Kid

Voted biggest band nerd and likely to be a band director compassionate Band Seasons

Of course I'm a brawler!!! But my boyfriend has to be the first one to die haha sorry bæ

My Zombie Apocalypse Team Noah 's going to die first and I also play the French horn so yeah

Omigosh omygosh ohmygosh

Wacky instruments - for some reason the piccolo trombone made me laugh really hard

This happened to me, but slightly different. We were playing a game in class (Jeopardy) and a stopwatch came up. We had to say start to the teacher, wait 10 seconds and call stop within 1 second of buzzing. I did it with 508 milliseconds left on the clock!

The Band Geeks: Band Colorguard, Band Teacher, Marching Band, Band Clarinet…

Marching band was another voluntary act of play I did as a child. Band also housed improvisational potential, being the only tenor drummer allowed me to write my own parts. Writing my own parts helped me get in touch with my artistic side and influenced me to continue and explore other realms of music.

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What's even more awkward? Having to do the same thing as part of the band front :/

Band memes tho

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Section band This is pretty easy to do since my section is only two people...

This happens a lot but the the first chair clarinet thinks she's way better than us and she looks at us like "bruh" when she missed it too.

When some fourth-chair in your band thinks he’s Benny Goodman. | 23 Struggles All Clarinet Players Know Too Well

When some fourth-chair in your band thinks he's Benny Goodman.


Thou shalt not touch my french horn without signing thine permission slip. Whosoever proceeds without permission shall be executed.