President Barack Obama as a child, with his grandfather. I wonder if Barry ever referred to him as "a typical white man"?

Obama on the beach with grandfather. Barack Obama plays on the beach with his grandfather on his mother's side, Stanley Armour Dunham

President Barack Obama's mother S. Ann Dunham, East-West Center alumna by East-West Center, via Flickr 1973 student photo

Ann Dunham, East-West Center alumna 1973 student photo of mother of President Barack Obama. From Dunham pursued her master’s and doctorate degrees in anthropology as an East-West Center grantee.

Barack Obama II with his father, Barack Obama I

This is why being in your children lives is so important. You never know who they maybe become with just the basic needs of a parent/ child relationship. Barack Obama II with his father, Barack Obama I

back when he was barry, with mama ann.

Barack Obama with his mom Ann Dunham, Rare Photos Reveal A Different Side To Groovy History

Family of Barack Obama - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I can see how the President resembles his grandfather here-eyes, shape of face.

The teenage Obama

Check out this pictorial history of the milestones in the life of President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. Her father’s name was Stanley.

The President Barack Obama with daughters.


I love Michelle Obama too!

I love Michelle Obama too! I have to thank this mans parents, mother for bringing this person into our lives

Barack Obama -- not the best president but a wonderful father and family man :)

The Obamas' Hawaii Vacation