I had this exact Barbie Camper and my Cousin Michelle had the Town House. The camper had a pop-out tent on the other side and a table that folded down on the back. It came with two vinyl sleeping bags and two folding chairs. I sort of remember mine having a plastic molded campfire with a circle of rocks, but I can't find any pictures of that. Perhaps I took the campfire from another set.

Barbie Country Camper- Hi P. Hi Malibu Barbie! I wanted this camper soooo bad. I traded something for one of the folding chairs. I STILL want the camper.

Had so much fun sending this thing flying down the big metal (no longer there) slide at Lincoln trail. Lol

the ULTIMATE christmas gift I ever got. 1991 barbie motor home! I just sold this at a garage sale this summer.

And when Barbie really wants to relax and get away from it all, she has her own motorhome. Which comes with its own beauty and make-up center, cause just because you're camping doesn't mean you should slouch on the glamour.

The 19 Most Ridiculously Awesome Things About This 1991 Barbie Catalog

The 19 Most Ridiculously Awesome Things About This 1991 Barbie Catalog. I definitely had most if these, including the pink motorhome!

Barbies Country Camper - hours of fun!

Barbies Country Camper - hours of fun!(I Loved Mine!) I played for hours with my Barbie camper!

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Black Friday 2014 Barbie Sisters Life in The Dreamhouse Camper from Mattel Cyber Monday. Black Friday specials on the season most-wanted Christmas gifts.

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That one present you are still Pissed off you never got Vintage 1976 Barbie Star Traveler RV Camper Bus.

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Barbie RV, I was never a big Barbie fan, but the Barbie camper (with real "working" shower!) was one of my all-time favorite Christmas presents.

Barbie's Country Camper, 1970's like how a liddle kiddle is Barbie's baby here. That's exactly what I did lol

My mom bought this for me at a yard sale. One Of my fave toys from being a kid! Malibu Ken, Skipper and Barbie in Barbie's Country Camper