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Queen Anne’s Revenge Chaise – Black & Gold French Ornate Modern Baroque & Rococo Furniture www.

This bedroom has the Baroque style to it. It has the cream and gold colors, along with round arches. The detail of the headboard and the wall art were what was typically seen in baroque styles in the 1500's to 1700's. This picture is from

Baroque Style, the detail of the headboard and the wall art were what was typically seen in baroque styles in the to

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Absolom Roche Side Chair - Black & Gold

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Late 17th century Italian Showcase on a stand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - From the curators' comments: "The supporting figure shows the strong influence of sculpture on Roman Baroque furniture. This object was formerly in the collection of Prince Cesare Ludovico Ottoboni."

Baroque Italian Showcase-on-Stand. "Supporting Figure Shows the Strong Influence of Sculpture on Roman Baroque Furniture.' Formerly in the Collection of Prince Cesare Ludovico Ottoboni. Late Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

For a traditional home with contemporary influences, be inspired by the Victorian period. Think of the genteel of mid 19th Century ladies, romantic flowers and a soft feminine feel, complemented with a sophisticated, regal opulence. The Victorian period follows the Industrial Revolution where an increased wealth in England allowed for access to furniture, textiles and accessories that had previ...

SELENCY : Color block / Black and white / living room / black sofa / gold chandelier

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Jenkins managed the George Hotel in England and was forever perplexed that the tall clock in his lobby would not keep perfect time. Countless clockmakers were called in to no avail. When he passed at age his clock refused to tick again.

Eloise 2 Drawer Chest - French Blue French Ornate Modern Baroque & Rococo Furniture

Eloise 2 Drawer Chest - French Blue

@Wendy Kauling When I get married and buy a mansion, your room will be something like this.

This room is influenced by the Rococo period with its lovely Fauteuil chair with cabriole legs. The delicate colour scheme with the mauve upholstery and gilding.

Baroque - NeoClassical Furniture.

I like this image because it displays what Baroque furniture would like during the actual period, as well as Neo-Classical, which we are abput to learn about.