Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi

Pina pina.......rawforms: Pina Bausch Photo Maarten vanden Abeele - BARDO ZONA OESTE

“Dance, when you're broken open. Dance, if you've torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you're perfectly free.” ― Rumi Pina Bausch Dance with your soul!

we can also use this actual photo from Up with the balloons in the sky because of the "fly with Pi Phi" and clouds


Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them by Adzusai [©2017]

I need to rewatch this movie because there was someone in the theater laughing like a hyena at every single line urgh. I was so happy when the fwooper showed up for like 2 seconds though This start.

Harry Potter and the Seven Stages of Denial

Funny pictures about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Oh, and cool pics about The Seven Stages Of Denial. Also, The Seven Stages Of Denial photos.

Fila Petite | Fila Petite - Pull contrasté avec motif

In case you were wondering why I'm pinning so many FILA outfits, I'm a big fan soo

Variety Of Dog Toys - Friendly On The Teeth! – Big Star Trading Store

Variety Of Dog Toys - Friendly On The Teeth

2016 HOT Dog Toys Ball Dish Fantastic Pet Dog Flying Disc Tooth Resistant Training Toy Play Frisbee Tide Rubber Play For Teeth

Une béquée d'amour.

yellow birds kissing mid flight Aka most likely a parent feeding a first-year bird

SFR Mail

romancelovelust: “There was a chance she would fall into the water. Although she would have liked better odds, those were good enough. She gathered her strength, wrapped herself in courage.and ran, full speed, towards the cliff.

(*) تويتر

(*) تويتر

The Angels show us feathers to confirm they are with us! Connect with me on FB to learn more about Angels:

the best laid plans

Light as feather! The egyptians believed that in order to get to their ideal aferlife your heart had to be light as feather when weighed against the weight of your deeds.Feathers are near Angels appear!