Beer shot

Little Beer Shot - Licor 43 and Whipping Cream! I'm obsessed with these!!!!!!! So good you people have to try them!

Little Beer Shot - Licor 43 and Whipping Cream! Very Yummy! Had these in Mexico, and they are soooo good. But they can be dangerous haha

beer shots & mini pulled pork sandwiches..presentation is everything!

beer shots & mini pulled pork sandwiches - great idea for beer tasting party!

Root Beer Float (Shot) from   								This smooth little layered shot tastes like a Root Beer Float... with ice cream and all! Since you use the sinking technique for this shot the  root beer schnapps takes on a creamier appearance. Don't worry... you did it right! Cheers!  Root beer floats were invented in Alexandria, VA!

Root Beer Float (Shot)

oz baileys Irish cream and 1 oz root beer schnapps. I want to try it!

What to do with the tops of beer bottles after making "beer bottle glasses" | Beer shot glasses | DIY

Shot Glass From Upcycled Cutted Bottles

Shot glass from upcycled cutted soda bottles.these are adorable, and my husband has a friend who would think these are the perfect gift if they were made out of beer bottles. They have different colors of beer bottles, how cute would that be.

Licor 43 Mini Beer layered shot with heavy cream. Doesn't taste like beer at all. More like a creamsicle! - photo by Cheri Loughlin, The Intoxicologist

Licor 43 Mini Beer

Licor 43 has created a shot that is equally eye catching, easy to build and insanely delicious. It’s the Licor 43 Mini Beer that tastes like a creamsicle.

2-in-1 beer shot glasses via Cool Material - save cabinet space!

These multipurpose Beer Shot Glasses from The Awesomer Shop combine a pint beer glass and a shot glass into one. The glasses are made of laboratory-grade

Mini Beer (some places call it "Little Beer") - shot of Licor 43 topped with heavy cream.  Tastes like a melted Vernor's Float with a great big kick.  No other shot recipes will ever be needed.  EVER :o)

Little Beer

Lil' Beer Shots~ 1 oz- Licor (Cuarenta Y Tres) and Heavy Whipping Cream -------- Pour Licor 43 into a shot glass. Layer cream slowly on top so that it resembles the 'head' on a beer. This sweet/vanilla shot is a huge hit at our parties.

tastes like a mini root beer float, so good! so dangerous!

Licor 43 Mini Beer

1 ounce Licor 43 and a splash of heavy cream. Looks like a mini beer, but tastes heavenly!

my life just got a lot easier.

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