F&W Photo Tour: Asheville

The downstairs pub at Wicked Weed Brewing Company in Asheville North Carolina. Love the beer taps

Wish I could have such a thing to propose beer in my coffee shop. The best Belgian beer. (+ create our own beer, like coffee and coconuts in Amsterdam) Garage Project, craft brewery in Wellington, NZ

The Most Happening Bar in Copenhagen, Flames Included

The ultimate setting for a cocktail in Copenhagen? Nightlight impresario Rasmus Shepherd-Lomborg's recently opened Lidkoeb bar, with roaring hearth and fur-slung leather banquettes.

Exhaust Manifold Beer Taps!

Exhaust Manifold Beer Taps!

Love the older style Metro tile and to break it up with a feature like classic utensils

I shot this sweet old& ride Saturday that is a decked out catering truck. Four beer taps, espresso maker and two tons more.

Damit gehe ich morgen in die Werkstatt! Custom Steam Punk Gadget Industrial Draft Beer Tower by TappedBeer

Drink a cold lager while you are in the tub from the beer taps located next to the wooden vats.

These tap handles are made to be quick and easy (and classy) replacements for those little black plastic handles that probably came with your