I need them to stop playing with my DAMN EMOTIONS! This movie is going to be everything I wanted from Playing it Cool.  Watch Chris Evans's Directorial Debut in 'Before We Go' Trailer

Watch Chris Evans's Directorial Debut in 'Before We Go' Trailer

Before We Go - Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other's most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

before we go - (2014) Chris Evans and Alive Eve; this movie killed me in so many good ways

anamorphosis-and-isolate: “― Before We Go Harry: There is no perfect. There will always be struggle. You just have to pick who you want to struggle with.

― Before We Go (2014) Harry: You can’t allow the people you love to determine how you love.

I have loved extremely awful people, but they never stopped me from being someone who was a good thing. I could let what they do make me cold, but they simply got to be loved by me, they didn't get the chance to change how I love.

I've had that feeling with two great loves the first few times I met them.

― Before We Go Brooke: Have you ever had a feeling and just known somewhere in your bones that somebody was gonna play a major part in your life?