Tween Teaching: Behavior Reflections Sheet

Free Behavior Reflections Graphic Organizer from Laura Candler. Use this graphic organizer instead of the typical "time out" form to have students reflect on why they made the choices they made and how their choices affected others. This is awesome.

Behavior Think Sheet

Behavior Think Sheet-Add a section where the student can mark how they felt, but how they should handle that emotion next time

Behavior reflection sheet- I'll think I'll modify this to include my class rules and put it at my resource area with a timer; student comes back when done...

This is a simple example of a behavior reflection form. It could be modified to include the rules of my class, with a space for parent signatures.

Behavior Reflection Think Sheet

This is a "behavior reflection think sheet". Although it isn't perfect, I like that it makes it easy for students to reflect on their behavior.

This is a great tool for students who need to reflect on their behavior and learn to make better choices.  This can be used for special education a...

Special Education Behavior Reflection: Think Sheet

Behavior Reflection: Think Sheet I like that this looks for the root cause of misbehavior so that issues can be resolved. I can use some of the these questions to work through issues with students.

This is a behavior think sheet for older students. The students actually have to write out what did that was inappropriate, what they should have done, and what they will do in the future. -Megan Gawronski

3 Think Sheets for Students Who Break the Rules

Think Sheets - Students' Written Responses to Inappropriate Behavior. This could prove very useful with repeat offenders.

positive thinking worksheet - Google Search

Have the student fill this out when they have hurt the feelings of another student, reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation.