Being sick quotes

Some people are just cruel! Even the ones we wished would never be seem to be in a contest with themselves to hurt another as if it's a prize. You can't undo your cruel acts and think in a lifetime a loved one will forget what you did. You will always have your prize as I will always have the scar

You never gave me a real sign that you would alow me to get close to you. Insted others do. And then all I get is anger from you. I just don't know what you expect from me.

I can be the prettiest flower or the sharpest thorn. It all depends on how you water me.

I can be the prettiest flower or the sharpest depends on how you water me.

Fuck I'm sick of people pleasing.

Stress anxiety and depression are caused when we are living to please others. Paulo Coelho inspirational quotes words to live by

My motto! So it's never too late to look or even wait for that quality friend.

ART CLASS (They All Hate Us)

Could never be friends with someone I used to talk so rudely about to other people just for the sake of having a friend! The fakeness makes me sick.

i'm not faking being sick, i'm faking being well

I'm not faking being sick, I'm faking being well