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Belgian Malinois, apparently the gene that causes the black mask (common to Pugs, Mastiffs, Danes, GSDs and Belgian Shepherds) has a quirk that extends the dark/sooty markings to all the extremities (vaguely similar to Siamese cats)

Belgian Malinois - Met one of these little guys over the weekend and fell in love!!

Belgian Malinois Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

English to German dog commands. If we ever get a German Shepherd I would do this...

The Top 5 Trainable Dog Breeds

The German Shepherd

So far, my barking has saved mom and dad from murder by 16 ups drivers, 8 mailmen, 3 girl scouts and 1 sketchy looking plastic bag.and yet they remain ungrateful.

Look at this gorgeous, stout, strong Belgian Malinois!!

GROUPE Chiens de Berger : Berger Belge (Malinois) or as it is called in Belgium, the mechelse scheper (herder)