Inspiring with the new year coming, and sharing with my family and friends who are suffering with some type of physical ability..Don't let it! It cannot touch your mind, r soul...

Believe, Be Patient, and Never Give Up: Good things come to those who believe. Better things come to those who are patient and the best things come to those who

Every day you believe that you are less than desirable you are missing out on your life. Step into your beauty. Claim your feminine power. Be sexy.

You are sexier than you think

I will not be another flower picked for my beauty and left to die I will be wild difficult to fin and impossible to forget Erin Van Vuren

"The decision to believe is the most important decision you will ever make." -L. Whitney Clayton LDS Quotes #sharegoodness

"The decision to believe is the most important decision you will ever make. Whitney Clayton LDS Quotes -or to act on what you believe.

The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes #quote #truth #fitness

Strong for Summer - Kick Start to our first week! – Dimvaloo Active Living - "The Body achieves what the mind believes"

Everything will fall into place. Believe.

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