Good advice for teachers and parents: "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin (Beauty Quotes For Girls)

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Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin - Ben Franklin Lapbook Want to add a little something special to your Benjamin Franklin unit? This Benjamin Franklin Lapbook is perfect for your lessons. The lap book covers childhood, inventor, and American Hero. There are three differe

Benjamin Franklin is one of our founding father. He signed The Declaration of Independence. He is a very important figure in the Revolutionary War.

Fun Friday Activity: Benjamin Franklin

Lesson Now and Ben: Fun Friday Activity: Benjamin Franklin Kites for bio unit- looks like fun!

Student Activity Analyze the challenges face by the framers of the Constitution. Identify the major leaders of the Constitutional Convention (James Madison, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin).

Fun Friday Activity: Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin: Famous American {PowerPoint & Printables}

Everything you need to save time and teach Benjamin Franklin! Printables PLUS PowerPoint slides to go along with student sheets. $ #benjaminfranklin #presidentsday - Other Famous American Units are available