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Soft, full hair and red lips! Get your holiday glam on with voluminous curls with a vintage feel. Wrap hair around a larger wand, let cool completely and brush through. Lifting the hair slightly, spray top and underneath with Big Sexy Hair Spray and Stay Hairspray for big volume and all day (and night) hold!

Sale Laumatia💍Kardeisha&Kemora💕 Self Taught MUA💄 Jesus Christ is my savior ❤️ Las Vegas based🌵 Samoan🇦🇸🇼🇸 SC: xo.

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I want my hair to do that without looking flat! Photography/Makeup/Hair/Styling by Karelea. All Rights Reserved.

The 90's Voluminous Curls. Can this come back into style?

15 Voguish Voluminous Curls for Women

Love curly hairstyles for long hair? wanna give your hair a new look ? curly hairstyles for long hair is a good choice for you. Here you will find some super sexy curly hairstyles for long hair, Find the best one for you,

Loose waves downstyle for long, thick hair

{1 Bundle} 7A Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave

Volume -what every girl strives for in life, I would sell my soul to the devil for this big hair!!

Volume -what every girl strives for in life, I would sell my soul to the devil for this big hair!

big curls

12 Insanely Pretty Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

Kim Kardashian Big Curls Tutorial for Medium Long Hair Prom Wedding Everyday Hairstyles Kim Kardashian Big Curls Tutorial. How To Blow Dry + Curl Your Hair.

The basic act of curling hair is pretty simple – it’s not hard to wrap hair around a curling iron or up into hot rollers. It’s what you do with those curls afterwards that becomes difficult. Molding spirals of hair into the look you want, whether it’s casual waves, spunky beach waves, or big, loose curls can feel totally overwhelming. I can give myself curls pretty easily, but personally, I really struggle with the whole voluminous curly hair look.

16 Easy Tutorials For Big, Loose Curls Anyone Can Do

tutorial for faking a pro blowout and getting big, soft, classic waves {The Beauty Department}

I love the face she's making too, she KNOWS her hair looks good. =P If my hair EVER looked like this I'd snap a pic too. You go girl!

Big curls inspiration for wedding hair. Imagine these curls paired with my headband.

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Got curly hair and looking for some hair inspiration? Not to worry, naturally curly hair is easier than you think! Here we have collected 25 Gorgeously Long