Portfolio 4 RISD bike drawing by Lumichi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Drawing for my RISD application! (the dreaded bike drawing) it was actually my favorite to draw Drawn from life, pencil Portfolio 4 RISD bike drawing

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marion täschler (The Jealous Curator)

lovely little bike drawing. #bike #art

Yip, my life on a bike. I want to start journaling my cycling/bike commuting. I've never owned a car and I've never had a license and at 30 years old I'm starting wonder if I ever will.


Drawing bicycle: Learn how to draw a bicycle with simple step by step instructions. The Drawbot also has plenty of drawing and coloring pages!

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Embroidery Pattern from Learn How to Draw a Cute Bicycle (Two Wheelers) Step by Step : Drawing Tutorials.

All the names of the parts in a bike in a pretty picture form :)

ride What a fantastic piece of art and what a fun way to learn about all parts of a bicycle! Credit: Aaron Kuehn- aaronkuehn(dot)com.