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There is something very interesting about Rapture, so until Burial at Sea launces and I can cosplay Elizabeth as femme fatale I will final.

a little #transformationtuesday collage of one of the easiest props I have ever…

my thuggish splicer pipe is ready to bash some skulls

Early in 2012, Chibik3r0 made himself a splicer costume. Somehow that one costume snowballed into having a 10-person group of splicers terrorizing Anime North on Sunday a few months later. While...

This tutorial was written up in response to a reader who asked about how I did the FX makeup on my Bioshock Splicer costume.

BioShock Splicer Rabbit Mask via Etsy by Skinznhydez

BioShock Splicer Rabbit Mask via Etsy by Skinznhydez // maybe a Splicer mask is just what I need.

EASY cheap Bioshock Splicer mask tutorial by AnndreaLeeann on DeviantArt

Splicer mask tutorial from Bioshock by AnndreaLeeann on deviantART. This could easily be adapted to just about any other kind of mask.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at http://www.etsy.com/listing/104164663/bioshock-splicer-rabbit-mask

Ian Finch-Field is raffling off this stunning,BIOSHOCK Rabbit Splicer mask. You can also win an Oak Leaf Mask and a BIOSHOCK-inspired arm attachmen.