Birds are a popular image to use in tattoo designs for girls and guys alike, and the phoenix in particular can be found in a great number of tattoo ideas today. Description from I searched for this on

95 Bird Tattoos for Women and Girls Wrist birds tattoo design Back birds with cross tattoos for women Shoulder bird with quotes tattoo idea for girls.

Fresh tattoo three small birds silhouettes below collarbone on ...

Fresh tattoo three small birds silhouettes below collarbone on shoulder – Tattoos pictures – Tattoo ideas

B/W Trees/Birds are starting to pop up more and more. I like them.

Amazing tattoo by Joey Hamilton ! Great tattoo, hot tattoo artist, what more do you want?

The woman back tattoo is one of the locations of the most requested body. The back allows the widest possible area of tattoos with a motif on the neck, shoulders, a shoulder blade along the spine or on the lower back. Highly sexy, this tattoo female is in demand because it can be either discreet or complete and cover the back. Source:

80 Cute and Amazing Back Tattoos For Women

I want a dream catcher tat with charms in the string and each charm will represent someone close to me

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35 Breathtaking Dandelion Tattoo Designs

Dandelion Bird tattoos are full of varied meanings. Even being simple and sober in design, the Dandelion Bird tattoos are believed to relate fulfillment of desires and wishes coming true.