The two things you knew to do to keep your braids on point: | 31 Hilarious Tweets Only Black People Will Understand

31 Hilarious Tweets Only Black People Will Understand

that is so true

So true. Black people can't just knock on the door. They gotta make a beat

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How White People And Black People React To A Magic Trick - The best funny pictures

Kool-aid humor, funny. Black people be like...white people be like...

If you can't taste the diabetes you ain't doing it right. oh my god i cant breathe. this is how i make kool aid too though lol

Black People Twitter. The subreddit that has taken the world by storm. The following is a collection of some of the funniest images from Black Twitter.For the uninitiated, Black People Twitter is a collection of humorous posts that celebrate black culture. From music, to sports, to lifestyle, anyth...

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I saw this and said " man if this isn't me" I literally do this all the time on the weekends.


25 Hilarious Pics/Memes/Tweets Of When You

fucking HATE!!! this. Give your job, house, and literally every cent you have to a homeless person. Get plastic surgery to have the most horrifyingly ugly monster face and body you can dream up. And then tell me looks and money don't matter to you. They don't matter to you because you have them.

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Tell me why people always " this happened to me and I'm white"? Like, I know, but most black people have this experience, hence "Growing up Black"

My mom got so mad at me for this yesterday

Normally i wouldnt post this because I hate it when someone says "African" instead of "South African". But this is totally true!