Women's fashion | Grey sweater and skirt with black tights

Life's too short for boring clothes? Time's too precious to waste it on fishing for sparkly knick knacks, that take ages to match together. Classy magpies know 'simplicity' shines brightest.

Wear black tights with everything this season -- see how!

How to Wear Black Tights With Everything

Annie Georgia Greenberg, style editorBrand: Fogal Why you love them: Fogal makes some of the best no-nonsense tights around. They're luxurious, soft, and truly opaque. Plus, they're thick enough to keep me warm throughout a whole New York winter. I've heard of people who've owned the same pair of Fogal tights for nearly a decade. They're that good. Any drawbacks? They're expensive, but if you pick them up during sale season, they're so worth it.

Best Black Tights For Winter - Durable, Quality Pairs

7 black tights that never rip

Black Tights- Best Tights That Don't Tear

7 black tights that never rip - a holiday outfit must have.What do you mean 'never rip'? With my rihanna claws I should probably invest in these.I keep ripping all my tights!

Celebrity look | Little black dress, tights, booties and neutral cardigan

I like this look, too, but with a longer (knee-length) dress. And flats, not boots. Brighter colors could work, too. I like the neutrals but I have a lot of those already. Black dresses with shoes

listening to bieber's voice from "one less lonely girl..." sounds so much more like a girl than i remember, haha. O_O

White Elephant Gifts You Actually Want

The tights the lady wore were plain black and I cannot remember her shoes. But coming across this picture, these tights and shoes would be perfect, and the tights would keep the outfit from being too black.

Dress in a black blazer and a black sequin mini skirt for both chic and easy-to-wear look. For footwear go down the classic route with black suede pumps.

Women's Black Blazer, Black Silk Tank, Black Sequin Mini Skirt, Black Suede Pumps

Black sequin mini skirt, black blazer, black tights and pumps. Try this for a fun New Year's Eve outfit!

Lucky Duck Opaque Black Tights - Find the perfect dress for any occasion at ShopLuckyDuck.com

Lucky Duck Opaque Black Tights

1 pair neutral/colored tights of choice black/burgundy/gray/olive/navy/aubergine/forest green etc * (Lucky Duck Opaque Black Tights)

Dearest stitch fix stylist... Such a pretty way to layer. I love that rust color and the overall aesthetic of this look.

40 Unique Ideas to wear Summer Outfits in Winter

Super Bowl Outfit Inspiration: If you are a die-hard football fan, or you just want to dress for the occasion, what redhead doesn't want to look stylish and Super Bowl ready? Here are some good options to rock on Super Bowl Sunday: