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Sugar Work

So my friends and I decided to blow sugar glass ornaments this weekend, without ever attempting sugar work before.

Working with Isomalt

5 Pulling Sugar Tips

Pulling sugar is an advanced and somewhat complicated cake decorating method. Here are some tips to make pulling sugar seem less like pulling teeth.

Fantastic Champagne Bottle--SUGAR WORK - Karthikeyan.

We watched a lady from China do this for the kids in Epcot. On a smaller scale and made animals on sticks for suckers. My son asked for a dragon it was awesome.

Pulled Sugar Art | The sugar is cooled by the fan until set

Blown Sugar Techniques from the World Team PAstry Championships by Laurent Branlard

How to make pulled Sugar Ribbon

Pulled Sugar Ribbons & Bows

Pulled Sugar / Blown

For a Christmas wedding, sugar art ornaments hung on an ornament tree as a centerpiece, then afterward guests take home the ornament of their choice. Then the only question that remains is: to eat or not to eat.