Shiemi - blue exorcist (ao no exorcist) - Cosplay! Looks amazing!!!

Cosplay Competition Comes into Comic-Con

Ao no Exorcist || Meme

He's such a sweetheart but no one looks past the whole spawn of satan thing, jeez, no one is perfect you know

Shiro Fujimoto of Blue Exorcist will be king Duncan. He is the one behind the unequal upbringing of Yukio and Rin in Blue Exorcist, like how King Duncan rewarded Banquo and Macbeth unequally.

Male Cosplayers: A Rare Species Indeed

Blue Exorcist Rin Girl Cosplay

I love Ao no Exorcist Rin Okumura cosplay ^^ because i ship this whole series Blue Exorcist, it is indeed interesting and i have watched this anime more than five times :D Rin Okumura.