Box balls with blue wild geraniums. The arboretum usually offers wild blue geraniums in our plant sales! #ejcatree

~Box balls with blue wild geraniums. Cherveny Arboretum at JMU, Harrisonburg, VA usually offers wild blue geraniums in their plant sales!

Emma Oversized Wall hanging- Splendid Avenue

Decorating Crush: Oversized Art

Image of Swedish Wall Decor, Blue Geranium (Linen). Love the geranium print. Great look for far wall of dining room.

Phormium + Geranium "johnson's blue'+ Gaura

Phormium + Geranium "johnson's blue'+ Gaura

Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'. Herbaceous perennial will die back over winter. Flowers early summer.

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White cosmos, blue geraniums, catmint, salvias, yellow alchemilla, heleniums, coreopsis, Penstemon Burgundy, Astrantia major ‘Claret’, Digitalis ‘Milk Chocolate’, Verbena bonariensis, English Climbing roses, such as The Pilgrim Climbing.

a summer garden

For a classic summer-in-the-country planting, pack your garden beds with white cosmos, blue geraniums, catmint, salvias and yellow by colorcrazy

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Geranium 'Brookside' is an excellent rose companion. Provides long-lasting color in the garden and repels beetles that harm roses.

Prized for its sky blue flowers and lengthy blooming period, "Johnson's Blue" geranium (Geranium x "Johnson's Blue") is a cultivar of cranesbill geranium ...

How to Grow a Johnson's Blue Geranium Plant

Long-lived, undemanding in care, and suitable for spreading groundcovers in woodlands and naturalistic gardens, wild geraniums are also known as cranesbills (Geranium spp.

Seen at one of my wholesale nurseries - Hydrangea Annabel underplanted with blue Geranium

Hydrangea Annabel & Geranium Rozanne

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the blue geranium by agatha christie

The Blue Geranium by Agatha Christie Rare Paperback Edition of Short Story from Thirteen Problems