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@charlottemariearmsden .....Feature selected by @bluey_the_blue_brindle follow @nila_blue_staffy & @mollyandtillystaffies by bullbreedsofinsta

Who could say no to this gorgeous little blue and white staffie puppy

Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a medium sized English dog breed.Staffordshire Terriers are loyal,intelligent and fearless dogs.Stafforshire Bull Terriers with their loving and cheerful personalities .

Things All Things All Staffordshire Bull Terrier Owners Must Never Forget

Blue staffy waiting to snatch up afternoon tea. 1 year old. If you can't eat all that I can help you out, I can eat it, I can, I'm ready!

My son, Kelly, just showed me this picture. I can't believe it is real! What an adorable baby; he looks so much like Soli, our former foster son.

The BEST wingman...

River, the blue nose pit bull pup. He looks like my baby blue pit Nori's twin! Oh my gosh they hurt my heart :)

THIS! IS GETTING! RIDICULOUS! | 21 Puppies So Cute You Will Literally Gasp And Then Probably Cry


my future pup

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Adorable Pit Bull Brothers Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

…or your cuddle time… Uh Oh, You're Gonna Fall In Love With These Pit Bull Brothers