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When Awesome Body Painting Meets Contortion (contortion, body painting art) - ODDEE

When Awesome Body Painting Meets Contortion - contortion, body painting art

Vehicle made of Body Painted People by Emma Hack. “Emma Hack’s incredible body art involving 17 people was a part of the South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission’s anti-speeding campaign.

Amazing body painting…

Amazing body painting…

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24 Beautiful Body Painting Art works for your inspiration

50 Mind-Blowing Body Painting Art works from World BodyPainting Festival

Color's not right, but otherwise.Head and Nails Art ( ) - Alien yellow green lizard lady. - Source: Bendrix got this from love this

Rainbow | Arc-en-ciel | Arcobaleno | レインボー | Regenbogen | Радуга | Colours | Texture | Style | Kimberly Margarita

is such an inspiration! She created this incredible look using and eyeshadows Flash palette Paradise Paint and Weirdo lipstick. by sugarpill

Amazing body paint art by Craig Tracy

Hyper-Realistic Body Paintings (15 pics)

Body Art: After spending hours upon hours of carefully applying water based paint to the human body, New Orleans based artist Craig Tracy has perfected the art of body painting.

Fasciné par le Body Painting, cet artiste italien camoufle ingénieusement ses…

Fasciné par le Body Painting, cet artiste italien camoufle ingénieusement ses modèles

Johannes Stötter Art Artist, musician & fine-art-Bodypainter Born in 1978 in South Tyrol (Italy) Studied at University of Innsbruck, AusAnatomy-related Bodypainting Workshops at Yoni-academy, Innsbruck Bodypainting

Shannon-Holt-body-painting...can you work out how many people are in this body painting of a fox??....:):)

Artist Shannon Holt masterfully turns humans into animals using body paint