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A Tribute to Alan Rickman

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Nike: Greek goddess of victory, both war and peaceful battles or a cliche story of two actors who become best friends and slowly fall for each other, but one h.

definition of sexy-miss this show!

(Canning Tatum < Wentworth Miller. All day, (age wentworth miller (aka michael scofield from prison break).

Dylan O'Brien  | The reason why I'm so in love with him, is because he seems like he doesn't know how fucking handsome he is... and he has this kind of being awkward all around and aren't  be shamed about it.

'Teen Wolf' Spoilers: Dylan O’Brien Leaving MTV Drama? Fans Freak Out Over Rumored Stiles Stilinski Exit In Season 6

God I love this man LBB

I fell in love with him as Denny Duquette on Grey's. Again as Papa Winchester on Supernatural. And of course, the amazing William on P. Now as Negan on TWD.

angel-0ver-you:  Kevin Costner ❤

And why Kevin Costner net worth is so massive? Kevin Costner net worth is definitely at the very top level among other celebrities, yet why?