Engraving style brain tattoo inspired on a scientific...

Engraving style brain tattoo inspired on a scientific illustration, located on…

Geometric brain tattoo on a forearm.

31 Cute Tattoo Ideas For Couples To Bond Together

Like a brain with a daisy coming out the top of it!!!!!! Daisy head maisy

Placement: Ankle Size: Smaller than my palm Note: Instead of flower pot, it would be a cup of coffee.

I found my next tattoo..

Left brain: hard working, analytical Right brain: creative, in tap with emotions, imaginative

@kamilczapiga heart Brain tattoo                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

@kamilczapiga heart Brain tattoo Más

Brain as a tree and heart for roots

With tiny, precise pen strokes and careful cross-hatching, Italian artist Alfred Basha captures the complexity of natural life. His drawings interweave ani