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Pure natural honey – tbsp) Parsley leaves – Ginger (Ground) – 1 tbsp tbsp of fresh ginger root is equal to teaspoon of ground ginger) Brazilian walnuts – Raisins – Take 2 or 3 times a week

10 Ways to Cure Brittle Nails

10 Ways To Cure Weak And Brittle Nails

I know how it feels when you want to visit a nail art shop but your brittle nails don't allow you to go for such beauty trends, as they break off too easil

Brittle nails are a pain, aren’t they? They chip or crack easily and create a whole new set of troubles for you. Here are home remedies for brittle nails for you to check out

21 Tips And Tricks For Beautiful Nails

You would have used numerous medications to cure brittle nails, but if they turned out to be useless, then there are other remedies you can count upon.

Are your nails prone to breaking, splitting or peeling

Are your nails prone to breaking, splitting or peeling? Try these east homemade remedies!

Hardening Nail Serum | Natural | Easy DIY | Homemade | Strengthening Nails | Natural Remedies | Brittle Weak Nails | Natural Beauty

Brittle Nail Serum

A nail serum for weak or brittle nails. Easy to make and just as easy to use. Make your own homemade strengthening nail serum and get healthy nails

Here is a another treatment against brittle nails: as simple and as efficient as any other natural treatment I have already shared.

Brittle Nails

11 best remedies to repair Dry, Brittle Nails and cuticles. The olive oil and lemon remedy is so easy and accessible- why not?

DIY Nail Strengthener for Strong, Healthy & Shiny Nails

Find the easiest DIY nail strengthener recipe below for strong, healthy & shiny nails!

How to Strengthen Your Weak, Brittle Nails

How to Make Your Nails Stronger

how to make your nail stronger. Olive oil is great for cuticles, but I have never heard of making nails stronger.

Brittle nails are a problem for you? Not anymore with these simple homemade remedies that will help you both prevent and treat this common problem.

Simple Ways to Treat Brittle Nails

Simple Ways to Treat Brittle Nails -Brittle nails are a problem for you? Not anymore with these simple homemade remedies that will help you both prevent and treat this common problem.

If you have brittle nails, here are the following home remedies that will serve as the solution for your nail problems.

Home Remedies for Dry Brittle Nails

There are many reasons why people can get brittle nails. But then, there are already effective ways in order to cure brittle nails. Actually, home remedies are what most of the people are using.

My nail care routine tutorial #nailcare  My nails are so brittle. I need this info in my life.

GREAT NAIL CARE ROUTINE, with a great tip about not buffing nail tips and mentions(with photographic support) an OPI nail product. Previous poster "My Nail Care Routine

DIY Nail Soak For Longer, Stronger Nails

This DIY nail soak for longer, stronger nails combines orange juice, garlic, and olive oil to give you incredible nails FAST!

Remedies for brittle nails

Natural Nails - Brittle nails or onychorrhexis caused by various factors can be successfully treated and cured with home remedies.