Good cause I have brown eyes haha

Nicky doesn't have brown eyes and he's not a girl but this is most definitely how NIcky feels about Charlie's eyes. Always comparable to a black hole


Monday I'm a hazel girl, but Tuesday through Sunday I'm a brown eyed girl.

brown eyed girl

Fact People with brown eyes are the most loud and happy people. They are more likely to have the longest relationships.

I've always hated my brown eyes, but this is really cool

I found this saved on an old hard drive of mine. For all my friends who dislike their ‘simply brown eyes’ -Not mine.

addicted, brown, brown eyes, brown hair, crush, cute, drug, drugs ...

Yeah but ur a stupid brown haired boy that has hair so crazy i can't help but want to play with it and brown eyes that are so beautiful it kinda makes me melt

brown eyes tumblr - Google-Suche

If you cannot be a poet, be the poem. -_-I was about to backspace this comment 'n' write " lovey by my yeux are a n average blue" but how deep' s tht!