Ciel Phantomhive... dear me, I've got to remember how handsome he looks in black, yes I do...

A couple days have passed since Ciel revealed the case he has been working on to you. Questions: Older! Ciel x Reader

Imagen de anime, black butler, and manga

C-Ciel *cuddles him crying T^T WH-What are you doing *he cries blushing* S-Sebastian *sebastian sighs* yes my lord *he pulls me off him* *looks up and see sebastian, blushes hard banging his chest* p-put me down!

Tanaka - Yana Toboso, A-1 Pictures, Square Enix, Kuroshitsuji, Black Butler…

Welcome to the Butlers Pantry. My name is Whitaker and I am the soul of the Bluebell Abbey manor house.

Anime 1: Attack on Titans// Anime 2: Black Butler// Anime 3: Lucky Star XD

Anime Attack on Titans// Anime Black Butler// Anime Lucky Star XD<<<<I believe hetalia would be a better example for the last one

WHAT. WHAT. GIMME GIMME GIMME. I want to see this so bad!!!!!

7 Popular Anime Series that EVERYONE is Watching. Are You?

Black Butler anime Custom Converse Shoes by ShowMyColor on Etsy, $69.99

Black Butler anime Custom Converse Shoes, Kuroshitsuji Shoes, Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive hand painted shoes, best shoes. I WANT these I want them Sooo bad

Oficial Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ Character designs!

black butler book of circus characters: Sebastian Ciel Joker Snake Beast Doll. <----- snake is my fave!

Handpainted Black Butler anime cake by Layde Cakes I would do just about anything to have this cake. Then  wouldnt eat it, rather freeze it, forever, and cherish it, until I die. Then pass it on to my children whom I got into Kuroshitsuji. Then they could pass it onto their children.

Handpainted Black Butler anime cake by Layde Cakes>> Holy fucking shit, Grace- Get me this!