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66 Creepy Spooky Tattoo Design Ideas To Show-Off This Summer

K i t t y Q u e e n | ☾

K i t t y Q u e e n | ☾

Potted Cactus Temporary Tattoos, Succulent House Plants, Black Line Drawing, Nature Tattoo (Pour Drawing)

I reeaaaalllyy love cacti and I can’t explain it. I can’t wait to have my own place and fill it with tiny potted cacti just like these

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Loving this cactus - would put it in a standard pot, though, to avoid any cultural appropriation issues.

This Traditional Tattoo Artist’s Designs Are Old-School Cool

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Crystals, cacti, & the Moon ✨ A few of our favorite things magical art reposted via

Cactus Tattoo on Forearm by Sol

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