like this face mask

Davida Classic Helmets: Classic Face Mask:Double layer of black or brown leather tailored to contour the face. Six anti-misting aerators. Secured to neck curtian by two press studs.

cafe racer style helmet - Google Search

Yes, Cafer racer can be regarded as one of the streams / style modification motor from the beginning until now still loved.

Simpson Bandit with custom cafe racer style paint job

Simpson Motorcycle Helmets

"bandit helmet custom paint stripe" if I could get a motorcycle and ride it legally without needing a license for cars, I would want this helmet with it lol

Biltwell Bubble Shield Visor. I want a reason to have this in my life.

Biltwell Bubble Shield Visor This is pure cafe racer style. Now just go find an excuse to own one.

When Emanuel builds a bike he does it right. This bike looks nothing short from perfection. He has built this HONDA CAFE RACER to exactly what it should be.

Emanuel's (CAFE RACER) Honda CB400

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