Flapper pie is a graham crumb crust pie filled with a decadent, creamy custard filling topped with a meringue. Use butter in crust(less water in butter) less likely to get soggy crust!

French Canadian Rustic Chicken with Garlic Gravy

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PLOYE (buckwheat and wheat flour pancake) [Quebec, Canada] [Acadia, Acadian Cuisine] [French Canadian Cuisine] [cookipedia]

French Canadian Breakfast Crepes

French Canadian Breakfast Crepes - easy to make and delicious crispy edges! Way better than pancakes!

Making la tire de Ste. Catherine is a French-Canadian tradition that began when St. Marguerite Bourgeoys, founder of the Congregation of Notre Dame, made these sweet candies each year on November to attract young students to her school.

For a taste of a classic French-Canadian sweet make sure to try this recipe today! Cakes and cupcakes by The Flying Couponer

Canadian Cuisine- Montreal-style smoked meat, Maple Syrup, Canadian Back Bacon, Butter tarts, Nanaimo Bars and Poutine.Oh yeah baby!

A classic Newfoundland dish, Cod au Gratin is a made with cod,covered in a white sauce, topped with bread crumbs