survivor cancer tattoos | Thyroid Cancer Survivor Tattoo

Personally, I'm not a huge butterfly fan, but I like the idea of the Thyroid Cancer Ribbon and Survivor written underneath. Another tat idea that represents me.

Dragonfly tattoo for breast cancer survivor and in honor of my cousin Regina.

Dragonfly tattoo for breast cancer for all my family that has fought this and do a second one with a red ribbon for my boys that had heart disease.

Cancer survivor anniversary tattoo! #cancer #survivor #tattoo  Visit…

A comprehensive guide on the various types of cancer support services available to cancer patients and caregivers.

My future tattoo: brain cancer survivor

Tattoo in memory of my Mom who died of brain cancer in October Gray ribbon for brain cancer and free, because this nasty disease isn't hurting her any longer.

Breast Cancer Survivor, Thank you for the Grace & Mercy of God...this is my Tribute to Him & to say Thank You for Life!

Love this except instead of the breast cancer ribbon a cross for the "t" In faith like the cross tattoo I like and pick a new bible verse

Today is a gift. I would like to get this by my seatbelt burn scar on my neck.

A tattoo cam be a gift. The gift of a key that opens the door to a vital memory that one should never forget