A set of 10 fun, hands-on challenge activities to investigate capacity. Great for reinforcing key vocabulary and concepts. The visual capacity challenge cards also come with a ‘Teacher Guide’ – ideal for double-sided laminating.

Measurement Inquiry - For CAP classrooms, this could double in the discovery center with a graph (children put their name under the color they think has the most)-- Use non-breakable PLASTIC jars and hot glue the lids on.

Volume and Capacity Activities Bundled - Grades 1 to 4 - 139 Pages

Capacity is the amount of liquid a container can hold in other words, capacity is the volume of a container giving in terms of liquid measu.

Kindergarten Math ~ Measurement

Grab it HERE These terms are driving me crazy! I& discovered I love teaching about time, measurement, capacity, and weight.

Capacity - Non Standard Measurement for Kindergarten / Grade One

Math Problem Solving: Exploring Capacity (Kindergarten Kindergarten)

Here's an activity where students use rice to compare the capacities of different containers. - Australian Curriculum - - Compare & order several shapes & objects based on length, area, volume & capacity using appropriate uniform informal units