Cara Delevingne ♥ is it weird to fall in love with someone's eyebrows?? Because I just did.

love her, she's absolutely gorgeous Fashion Model, Beauty Style inspiration, Fashion photography, Long hair

Cara Delevingne- hair color for summer

{FC: Cara Delevingne} Hey, I'm Mackenzie, but people call me Mack or Kenzie. I like to play the cello, write and read books. I am working on my modelling career and I've been granted a vacation in Hawaii.

6 façons de porter la minitresse - LOULOU                                                                                                                                                                                 More

6 façons de porter la minitresse

Cara Delevingne's mini-braid presents an illusion of the stylish undercut hairstyle women sport that flatters their hair texture.