Carlos Bake Shop  in Hoboken, New Jersey. After seeing the TV series and the amazing cakes and baked goods, i would have to make a stop and get something.

I want to visit: Carlo's Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey from the TV series "Cake Boss"

Our guide to visiting Carlos Bake Shop, home to the Cake Boss-- and how to get there from NYC.

Love Cake Boss? Carlo's Bake Shop-- an Easy Visit from NYC

Tasty Treats can be found at Carlo's Bakery of the TV show Cake Boss is in the Venetian.

Tasty Treats can be found at Carlo's Bakery of the TV show Cake Boss is in the Venetian~ Long lines but worth the wait~

LOVE is all we need & when it comes to marriage the bride & the groom takes care that it must be remembered for long time & there must be no flaws in it .IF we are spending loads of money in the marriage than the cake for the reception must be the special oneRead more


Cake Boss wedding cake - Buddy - Carlos Bakery - I wish Buddy from Cake Boss can make my wedding cake.that would be just a miracle the topping of the cake for me amazing cakes,Cake Decorating,Cake

Buddy's Strawberry Cake Recipe

This strawberry cake is not made with Jell-o or food coloring so don’t be surprised when it comes out of the oven and is not bright pink. This cake still packs a mean strawberry kick. The top of the cake … Continue reading →


Carlos Bakery - Cake Boss German Crumb Cake

Carlos Bakery German Crumb Cake recipe with bun dough. Old fashioned New Jersey Hoboken crumb cake Cake Boss Buddy Valastro Style. With step by step pictures.

The Cake Boss' Cannoli Recipe | Buddy Valastro | Recipe - ABC News

The Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, prepares his cannoli recipe on "Good Morning America." Had my first cannoli today.they are delicious!

Carlo's Bakery - Buttercream Wedding Cake Designs

I couldn't pin this directly off their website, but this is one of the cakes done by Carlos' Bakery, the bakery from the show Cake Boss. Incredible stuff, especially if you look at their buttercream cakes from the website.

Liam and Sophia at Carlos Bakery. Life=complete

Liam and Sophia at Carlos Bakery. oh my gosh I love cake boss and Liam I am gonna cry!

For Carlos bakery to do my wedding cake   Carlos Bakery : Wedding Cakes.

Carlo's Bakery - Modern Wedding Cake Designs this would be sweet. Have our song lyrics on the cake.