Tips for a Cartagena Walking Tour on Spain's Mediterranean Coast

Tips for a Cartagena Walking Tour on Spain's Mediterranean Coast

On a Cartagena walking tour, discover colorful art-nouveau buildings on Spain's Mediterranean Coast.

Ruinas del anfiteatro de Cartagena #Murcia | Ruins of Amphitheatre, #Cartagena,  Murcia, Spain

Ruins of Roman Amphitheatre, Cartagena, Spain. Cartagena is located in the Region of Murcia, by the Mediterranean coast, south-eastern Spain.

Cartagena, Spain


Spain, Murcia (autonomous region), Cartagena by the Mediterranean Sea. Ruins of the Roman amphitheatre the Santa Maria La Vieja Cathedral.

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15 Best Things to Do in Cartagena (Spain)

Cartagena Spain.

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The Roman Theatre of Cartagena. Museo Teatro Romano de Cartagena. Cartagena. Spain. 13th c.  by Trujinauer on Flickr.

The Roman Theatre of Cartagena, Spain. The theatre was built between 5 and 1 BC; the Old Cathedral was built on top of it in c.

Street with Cartagena Spain’s wonderful street lanterns

Cartagena, Spain - streets (resemble streets in Cartagena, Columbia's old town!

48 Hours in Cartagena, Spain

48 Hours in Cartagena, Spain

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Go to #Cartagena.  I rented an apartment in the old walled in city... and it was heaven just roaming around! #colombia #anymoon

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