Gothic and Amazing

Gothic and Amazing

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Curved castle window with a stone seat. Castel del Monte, Italy, built in the century. Photo by Alessandro Recchiuti. I would give anything to have a window seat like this.

Картинка с тегом «kcalb, etihw, and the gray garden»

Eating Chocolate bagle in front of Etihw without noticing he is in front of you 😂😂

witches magick | Gothic Witch

Lilith is known to be the Sumerian/Babylonian Dark Goddess, and Demon Goddess. She was portrayed with dark wings and sometimes with clawed .


Digital Art by Henning Ludvigsen

spiral vampire angels despair by henning ludvigsen - Digital Art by Henning…


Love the shimmering stars and aura glow - would be great to have a version of our logo where this exists - and for me personally I like the glow and atmosphere

could be as simple and minimal as this. little dots and lines around the eyes and third eye area with possible crescent moon.

First university day of this semester . It's also the reason why I've missed the blood moon last night .