Chalkboard,  totally doing something like this in my basement bar someday!!!

Chalk Menu in a basement. like the brick and chalkboard wall together. definitely need a chalkboard wall to do designs;


"what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" chalkboard typography illustration giclee art print by anna see

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BEST Chalkboard Lettering Tips + Tricks

Check out my top five BEST Chalkboard Lettering Tips + Tricks! They are sure to help improve your chalkboard art instantly.

22 Awesome Chalkboard Typography Arts | Graphic Web Design Inspiration + Resources // just pinned for this image. Love it.

22 Awesome Chalkboard Typography Arts

Fabulous & Free Chalkboard Fonts! | Where The Smiles Have Been

Fabulous & Free Chalkboard Fonts

A collection of some fabulous & free chalkboard fonts that are available online. Links are provided so you can easily create your own chalkboard print!

Recipe for Love CHALKBOARD Typography Word Art Sign by ToeFishArt, $115.00

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Dana Tanamachi é uma designer que vive em Brooklyn, Nova York. Até pouco tempo atrás trabalhava na Louise Fili Ltd (ótima por sinal) agência especializada em design e embalagens para restaurantes e alimentos. Como hobby, Dana criava algumas tipografias com giz em lousas. Mas, seu trabalho começou a ter tanto destaque que atualmente ela faz …

Chalkboard Typography - Dana Tanamachi

Hi there, I can’t wait to share How to Make a Chalkboard Design like a Pro today.

How to Make a Chalkboard Design like a Pro

Hi there, I can’t wait to share How to Make a Chalkboard Design like a Pro today. I’ve been thinking about hosting classes locally for a few weeks but wasn’t su