That's me, really. I always want to pin something and then it says i have always pinned it. BITCH WHEN!

HAHAH, omg this is soooo relatable and then fangirling all over again<<I swear

EXO || Park Chan Yeol 박찬열 *Those suits kill me. He as an amazing voice, too

I want My Boyfriend to Dress Like This (40 Handsome Looks)

I laughed so hard because these are all me

Ahahha I'm Kris and Luhan and Lay but mostly I'm Sehun😂😂

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Réactions EXO

This single move gets me everytime <--- Seriously, Chanyeol was meant for…


me all time when it comes to kpop and kdrama but in reality I'm actually pretty popular 😏

I can actually imagine him saying all of this

Chanyeol has a soft spot for Yixing in his heart

I am an Army and Chanyeol is an amazing rapper but I'm am Exo-l to. But I died from laughing

I am an Army and Chanyeol is an amazing rapper but I'm am Exo-l too. But I died from laughing but seriously respect him because he is am amazing rapper

EXO Chanyeol. Well, fuck. Who needed innocence anyway, amirite

chanyeol's phone wallpaper is a photo of his abs to inspire him to get back in shape.

Me, entering the 2018, except I am nOT CONFIDENT AND MOTIVATED, I'm like a lil potato, just staying there in the corner, but with a smile.

Lol no but chanyeol yes

Lol *I laughed way harder than I should have...

Omg😂😂 am I the only one that REALLY wants to watch Disney chanyeol?

I can see that happening  I mean woozi, suga, Zico, xiumin and baekhyun, sanha, and basically all of got7 bc they are all bias wreckers

Omg that would be so funny but I might cry of happiness if Jimin, Sana, Junghan, and Lalisa all showed up at my house 😂

Sehun’s face is like, wtf Chanyeol

Abnormal EXO

Chanyeol what are you even doing? ( sehuns bitch face)---- sehun is me when my friend are bullie me