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Chartreux: This is a friendly, intelligent, self-confident and affectionate breed, but not intrusively so. Chartreux cats tend to be quiet-voiced and typically do not annoy their owners with constant meowing or crying. They are quite observant and have b

Chartreux kitten (looks like a toy)

Chartreux kitten (looks like a toy)

Chartreux Kitten | CatsSky

Chartreux Kitten | CatsSky

Chartreux Kittens ♡... Re-pinned by ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone.

by Johnny Krüger I love gray kitties

Chartreux kitties

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Chartreux Cat Breed Information

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Chartreux Cat Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts

"She walks her chosen path by our sides, but our ways are not her ways, and our influence does not remotely touch her." --Agnes Repplier

I just adore baby grey kittens!

Tallmoss is a hard working and focused she cat with strong desires. She enjoys swimming in the swamp. Expecting 2nd litter. Mate: Quickfall. Kits: Lizardpaw, Nightpaw, Leapardpaw

Amber eyed kitten, reminds me of my girl, Amber, who was coincidentally named after the color of her eyes.

Three Chartreux Fluffs

16 Cats Who Are About to Hurt Someone for Putting Them Through the Torture of Bath Time

NOT A Russian Blue. Note the eye color. Russian Blues have GREEN eyes. Chartreux have yellow/orange.

Chatons chartreux du jardin des lutins - YouTube

Chatons chartreux du jardin des lutins - YouTube

Chartreux Kittens.

[British Shorthair Kittens] ** " Who saidz anythin' abouts panickin'? Dis be justs culture shock.

Chartreux Kittens

The Chartreux cat is good and quiet with a slight, amenable nature. He enjoys being a lap cat and is the closing television-watching friend. When a lap isn’t.

Cute Chartreux kittens

Cute Chartreux kittens

10 week old Chartreux kittens. Adorable.   ~"it's a kind of magic.." by Johnny Krüger,

10 week old Chartreux kittens. ~"it's a kind of magic." by Johnny Krüger,

Chartreux Cat - love newly made bed

Automatic umbrella "Chartreux kittens" ❤

Kitsch Cat Umbrellas by Von Lilienfeld